Why Korean Beauty?

Of course, there are many skin care and makeup solutions on the market, so why go all the way to the Far East? Well, when considering Korean products for South Asian skin types, you may find that it isn’t so foreign after all. For centuries, our grandmothers and mothers have passed down traditional beauty secrets – eggs for soft smooth hair, neem for blemishes, honey for smooth skin, applying turmeric for a beautiful glow, etc. Similarly, Korean beauty products take inspiration from natural beauty secrets of long ago, refining them to offer you the latest, effective skin care, with no stained hands or eggy slime.

Skincare is the best makeup. And nowhere is this mindset better adopted than the world of Korean beauty! For a beautiful painting, starting with the best canvas is key. Korean beauty focuses on taking care of the skin for youthful, natural and fresh looking skin, which is only enhanced by makeup.

These days, Western beauty manufacturers are taking cues from the Korean market, for its fresh makeup trends, as well as advanced innovations in makeup. Have you heard of BB cream? Of course, you have. It is one of the foremost products that reflect the research and creativity of the Korean cosmetic industry, along with popular products like sheet masks, essences, emulsions, and sleeping packs.

Fresh and natural. These are the words that may come to mind when thinking of Korean beauty. The Korean beauty industry is sensitive to the needs of consumers, who generally face a great deal of air pollution. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients for skin that needs extra pampering. For those of us in South Asian climates, this means protection from sun exposure and harsh weather conditions.

Best of all, all of this comes at the best value- high quality at the most reasonable prices by international standards. Korean brands are constantly innovating to find better solutions for skin care, and cater to multiple concerns and skin types. In the end, the biggest winner in this competition is you, the consumer. Explore Korean Beauty and you are sure to find something that brings out the most radiant you.

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