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BRIGHT LIKE A STAR- Skin Refining and Regenerating Moisturizer

BRIGHT LIKE A STAR- Skin Refining and Regenerating Moisturizer

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The Mimo By M Bright Like A Star Skin Refining and Regenerating Moisturiser is a light weight gel-based moisturiser. It keeps your skin hydrated without feeling, oily, sticky or heavy. This moisturiser helps reduce pigmentation, fade dark spots, even out your skin tone for a brighter and smoother complexion.

Bright Like a Star skin refining and regenerating moisturiser promotes collagen production that makes skin appear tighter, plumper and youthful looking. This moisturiser is also packed with soothing and calming ingredients which reduce and prevent acne. It calms down inflammation and redness. The skin refining and regenerating moisturiser is an ideal formula for layering multiple times for more hydration. This moisturiser works really well under makeup, and adds a natural glow to your skin for that glass skin look.

VEGAN. CRUELTY FREE. ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE FREE (the formula does have a citrus-y smell that comes from the ingredient lemon peel oil but uses no artificial fragrance. Lemon peel oil makes for the lowest percentage in the formula, however if you are allergic to essential oils, we recommend patch testing the product first).


How to use:

  1. After cleansing and prepping your skin with toner and serum, apply an adequate amount evenly to face and neck.
  2. Gently pat until fully absorbed.
  3. This lightweight moisturizer is easily layer-able for those with really dry skin. people with normal to oily skin should use one layer.
  4. Use consistently for minimum two weeks and with the Bright Like A Star-Complexion and Texture Enhancing Brightening Serum and the rest of the Bright like a Star skincare line for BEST RESULTS.
  5. Always use sunblock during daytime before heading out, but specially when using brightening products!


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